Audio and video were the original items in most households that came with a remote control; so it’s no surprise that people want to combine their AV controller with their lighting or heating remote. With these products you can distribute video from any source to any screen or even to multiple screens, the same with audio and speakers. You can store all your multimedia files centrally and access them from anywhere in your smart home.

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Music can be relaxing, make us happy and reduce stress. Wake up to your favourite song in the morning, listen to relaxing music while in the bath after a long day at work and incorporate sounds for specific events like a doorbell chime when someone is at the door. The opportunities with multi room audio are endless.

Control your favourite music with crystal clear speakers, all from the touch of a button.

In your intelligent smart home, various home entertainment devices can be incorporated into a centrally-controlled music & multimedia solution. From the TV to the amplifier – say goodbye to all of those remotes and simply control these devices from your smart phone.

More and more homes are having SONOS installed, allowing you to control your music throughout the house. We are officially SONOS approved installers, meaning we can install your top of the range music systems professionally.

What are the benefits?

With multi room audio, you can choose which rooms play the same music and have something completely different playing in others. Choose relaxing music in the lounge to unwind with a glass of wine and a good book in the evening, while the children listen to an audiobook to their bedroom.

With your new smart home you’ll be able to control what’s playing all around the house with just one app. You’ll have an overview of what’s playing and make individual adjustments at any time. Whether it’s changing the volume, skipping songs, choosing a new playlist, scrolling through albums, playing your personal favourite from your library or queueing up a new chart topper – it can all be done in one app.

Instantly create a cinema environment in your home. At the touch of a button, your home will be ready for you to binge-watch the latest series or enjoy a film with the family. Lighting dimmed, projector screen dropped, and all other necessary multimedia devices such as the surround sound are turned on. Plus, the doorbell is muted so as not to disturb you and your popcorn.

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