With the ability to set up low lighting for TV or film watching, focussed lighting for reading or hobbies where you need to see details, or set up lighting to switch off and on at irregular intervals to make it look like someone is home when you’re away.

Automation can make your life easier by responding to motion or light level. Never forget to turn off a light again! Find out more about lighting automation today to reduce your energy bills and protect your smart home.

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So you have your smartphone, you have your smart TV, you may even have a smart watch! But what's next? The first steps to a smart home are right at your fingertips, with apps such as SONOS which allow you to wirelessly control the music that is playing in each room of your house, the next step is controlling your lighting. What are the benefits of smart lighting? Find out below.

Smart lighting reduces energy bills and can protect your home

All our home automation systems give you remote access, so you can see what's going on and turn lights On/Off even if you're sitting on the beach in Tahiti! You have access via the Internet from any smartphone, tablet or computer. The home automation system puts you in control. You decide when lights are on or off, you decide at what level their brightness is set to, and you can make all lights turn off at a particular time of day - closing your house down for the night or when you're away. You'll always know what's happening in every room in the house, take a glance at your phone and you can see if any lights are on that shouldn't be - and you can turn them off if need be

What are the benefits?

We have all got home to realise the lights have been left on over night at some point, the electricity bill rising while you are away; with smart lighting no matter where you are - work, the park,a friends house, or picking the kids up - you can see which lights are turned on and have the ability to dim or turn them off.

Going to be home late? Many people like to leave a light on to give the illusion that someone is home, to reduce the chances of an opportunistic burglar, with smart lighting you can do just that - from anywhere!

But is it easy to control?

Understandably, a frequent question we are asked is - how easy is the system to control? Very. Controlling your lights is easy. You can control all the lighting in the room from a single switch, whether it is turning them on or off, or switching through the different lighting scenes – all of this is done through an app on your phone or with the touch of a single switch.

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