Your heating system is probably already controller from a timer, so what more can home automation bring? With home automation you can reduce your energy bills, add comfort and convenience and have intelligent control of your homes heating and temperature - all from the touch of a button.

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While many aspects of most modern heating systems are automated, our heating range can improve on your existing system by adding intelligence. Rather than having to make changes to the thermostat and individual radiator settings, heating automation can take control of your whole system to intelligently monitor and maintain your desired temperature in each room in the house.

You can schedule multiple temperatures throughout the day and throughout each heating zone. When you connect your heating to your other home automation devices, your system can really work for you and reduce your energy bills. Set radiators to turn off when a window is opened or alter your heating schedule on your smartphone if you know you’re going to be late home from work.

Smart homes reduce the cost of your energy bills, whilst giving you complete control over you home

Adding intelligent wireless control of your heating has real benefits and it's relatively easy to do using home automation systems. We offer a variety of systems that cover a wide range of heating systems. Some are stand-alone solutions and others can worth within a wider home automation system. The one that suits you will depend on what your needs are, contact us today to discuss your project.

What are the benefits?

You decide which areas of your home are heated, when they're heated and to what temperature. For instance you may decide you want the rooms heated to 18°C in the morning, 12°C during the day and 20°C in the evening. The home automation system handles it all for you - no need to worry or think about it. Smart homes revoke the need to go around your home changing room or radiator temperatures, they can look after themselves based on automatic schedules or when the relatives come to visit. Just as importantly, you can operate them from your smartphone whether you're at home or away. You can change the heating, even if you're stuck in traffic!

Create zones that can be individually turned On/Off or be set to different temperatures through the day. This really delivers smart home living, allowing you to only heat the parts of your home that you need, helping save money and waste. You can even create zones in systems that would otherwise have needed expensive plumbing and changes.

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